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Take your pick from these awesome Origami crafts for kids to introduce your little one to the Japanese art of paper folding. With varying levels of difficulty, there’s something for everyone!
One of the most popular terms used in paper crafts is ‘Origami’. The Japanese term that refers to ‘folding paper’, came to be used around the 1800s, although the exact date of origin is unknown. Apparently, the high price of paper then restricted the use of Origami to religious events alone.
Origami is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, with Origami butterflies used in weddings, and Origami used as good luck charms for soldiers. Today, there are a staggering number of Origami artists, each more talented than the other!
Since we’re all about introducing kids to various arts and crafts from across the world, we’ve rounded up 30 fun Origami craft projects for kids, of varying difficulty. So whether you’re a beginner or looking for a challenge, there’s sure to be something for you here!

If you’ve never tried Origami before, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to start! Whatever the holiday is, you’re sure to find lots of ideas for paper crafts!

1. Origami Bat
Halloween is when bat crafts make their presence felt, and we particularly love these hanging Origami bats from Paper Kawaii! String them together for a perfectly themed Halloween banner!

2. Origami Gift Box

We know that a handmade gift from the heart is ideal, but a handmade gift box makes it even more special! Make these cute gift boxes for Valentine’s Day and watch your loved one’s face light up!

3. Origami Easter Basket

Here’s something a little fancy to try for Easter – Origami bunny Easter baskets from Gathering Beauty! If you’ve already tried basic Origami crafts, then this one will be a good challenge.

4. Origami Monster Bookmarks

If you’d like to gift your friend something for Halloween, or simply need something to hold your page in the latest spooky novel you’re reading, do try making these fun Origami monster bookmarks!

5. Origami Christmas Tree

This Origami project from Red Ted Art is easy peasy and is great even if you have absolutely no experience in Origami. Make a bunch with the kids and arrange them on the mantle piece!

6. Origami Hearts

These Origami hearts from Jennifer Maker are cute enough to look at, but what’s more is that it also contains a secret compartment for a hidden message! Perfect for your secret Valentine!

7. Origami Santa

You can’t end the year without Santa now, can you? You can even make your own cute little version, with this craft project from Wikitalks!

When introducing kids to Origami, you might want to start with paper that’s not too expensive, since there is going to be lots of tearing and tossing initially! As they get the hang of it, you can get prettier and better paper. Give the project a try yourself before attempting it with the kids, especially if it’s a complex one. Stick to age appropriate projects so that kids don’t get frustrated. With our list of awesome Origami crafts for kids, we’re sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for you!

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