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Origami Tulip Craft

30 AWESOME ORIGAMI CRAFTS FOR KIDS – Fun Things to Make and Play

Take your pick from these awesome Origami crafts for kids to introduce your little one to the Japanese art of paper folding. With varying levels of difficulty, there’s something for everyone!
One of the most popular terms used in paper crafts is ‘Origami’. The Japanese term that refers to ‘folding paper’, came to be used around the 1800s, although the exact date of origin is unknown. Apparently, the high price of paper then restricted the use of Origami to religious events alone.
Origami is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture, with Origami butterflies used in weddings, and Origami used as good luck charms for soldiers. Today, there are a staggering number of Origami artists, each more talented than the other!
Since we’re all about introducing kids to various arts and crafts from across the world, we’ve rounded up 30 fun Origami craft projects for kids, of varying difficulty. So whether you’re a beginner or looking for a challenge, there’s sure to be something for you here!

Fun Things to Make and Play
Sometimes you don’t need a season or a holiday to make Origami – you just want to have fun! Here are some classic Origami ideas for all ages to make and play with.
1. Origami Boat

This is probably the first Origami craft kids across the world make – without even knowing that it’s called Origami! Satsuma Designs converts this innocent childhood craft into a cute garland.
2. Origami Faces

Okay, these Origami faces from Pink Stripey Socks are probably my favorite in this whole list! They are just genius and you can make so many different kinds!
3. Origami Ninja Stars

Origami Ninja Stars
Want to try something awesome? Then be sure to make these transforming Origami Ninja stars from What do We do All Day – perfect idea to keep older kids occupied!
4. Origami Yacht

Origami boats are common, but what about an Origami yacht? We have a craft that makes use of chalk markers to create some unique yachts – perfect for your next holiday!
5.Origami Tulip Craft

Origami Tulip Craft
Tulips are such pretty flowers, aren’t they? This easy Tulip craft is perfect for an Origami beginner and is great to fix on DIY cards for Mother’s Day or Teacher’s Day.
6.Origami Space Shuttle

When Origami planes get a little ‘meh’, you might want to go a step further and make these Origami space shuttles from All for the Boys. Now that’s a craft project that’s out of this world!
7. Origami Ice Cream

Here’s a craft that’s perfect for the summer – Origami ice cream! Poulette Magique has a lovely tutorial to make these – the page’s in French, so you might want to translate it.
8. Origami Shark Cootie Catcher

Yes, sharks aren’t known to be cuddly creatures, but this Origami shark cootie catcher from Easy Peasy and Fun is a cute little guy to make and play with!
9. Origami Art Bracelet

It’s not easy maintaining ALL of your kids’ art work, so here’s a more concise way to keep them – turn them into Origami bracelets, as shown in Picklebums!

When introducing kids to Origami, you might want to start with paper that’s not too expensive, since there is going to be lots of tearing and tossing initially! As they get the hang of it, you can get prettier and better paper. Give the project a try yourself before attempting it with the kids, especially if it’s a complex one. Stick to age appropriate projects so that kids don’t get frustrated. With our list of awesome Origami crafts for kids, we’re sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for you!

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