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DIY: 3 Duct Tape Necklaces + Video Tutorial

I’m so excited to partner with Scotch® Colors and Patterns Duct Tape for this week’s DIY tutorial! I’ve always been amazed at all the creative ways duct tape is being used these days and with the growing selection of colors, I can only imagine the list will get longer.

After spotting the beautiful lace patterned tape (shown below), I knew I had to somehow incorporate it into a piece of jewelry. I decided to pair the duct tape with gold chain to create a bold look while also adding a different texture to the piece. I ended up creating 3 necklaces and I couldn’t decide which tutorial to post, so I’ve included them all!

Check out the video tutorial below for a closer look.

• Scotch® Colors and Patterns Duct Tapes (need 2 colors for necklace #1 and #2)
• Chain necklace
• Needle nose pliers
• Scissors
• Needle
• Jump rings (for necklace #1 and #3)
• Small brad (for necklace #2)
• 4 inches of extra chain (for necklace #1)

Feather Necklace Steps:
• Cut out 6 inches from the first duct tape color and lightly place it on a flat surface.
• Cut out another piece from a different color/pattern duct tape and place it diagonally over the first piece. I used a beautiful lace patterned tape and trimmed the edges for a decorative touch.
• Fold the first duct tape piece in half making sure there are no air bubbles in between.
• Cut out a feather shape.
• Fringe the edges of the feather at a slight angle.
• Make a hole at the top of the feather with the needle.
• Open the jump ring with pliers and run it through the hole. While still open, run it through the middle of the chain necklace and the extra piece of chain. Close the jump ring with pliers.

Triangle Necklace Steps:
• Cut out 3 inches from the first duct tape color.
• Cut the tape in half length wise.
• Fold it over the center of the chain necklace making sure there are no air bubbles in between.
• Cut out a triangle shape.
• Add a decorative touch with another piece of duct tape. I cut out a thin strip of the lace tape and placed it diagonally over the triangle.
• Make a hole in the middle of the triangle with the needle.
• Place the brad through the hole and fold back the prongs to secure.

Chevron Necklace Steps:
• Cut out 3 pieces of duct tape, about 5 inches each.
• Fold each in half making sure there are no air bubbles in between.
• Place the 3 pieces on top of one another and cut off about 1/2 inch length wise.
• Keep the 3 pieces on top of each other and cut a “V” shape out of the bottom half of the tape pieces.
• To create the 3 ascending layers, trim 1/4 inch off from the top of one of the pieces. Repeat on the second piece, but cut slightly more off. Do not trim the third piece.
• Fringe the bottom of each piece by cutting small slits.
• Cut the chain necklace in half.
• Place the 3 pieces on top of one another and align them at the top.
• Make a hole on the top right and left corners.
• Starting from one corner, attach the 3 pieces by running a jump ring through the hole and attaching one side of the chain. Repeat on the other side.

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