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Indoor Vertical Wall Herb Garden

DIY Living Plant Wall Projects For Your Home

For starters, plant walls are beautiful and incredibly versatile. They make it easy to add plants, even in small spaces and are a great mixture of art and function. you’ve seen them in the lobbies of hotels or corporate offices and possibly even the atriums of airports and shopping centers. Usually mounted on the interior or exterior walls of buildings, these vertical installations can vary in size and shape and offer a refreshingly green space experience that functions as living wall art while providing all the benefits of nature.

The gorgeous green living wall is not an idea that is solely exclusive to the modern world. Beautiful green gardens that were precariously hanging onto the walls of structures have also graced ancient times. While the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are considered one of ancient world’s greatest wonders, many modern living wall projects bring the same joy and delight in smaller packages! Brilliant, audacious and fresh, living walls are indeed a great addition to any contemporary residence. and plants are also an asset to indoor air quality. The NASA Clean Air Study revealed that certain plants can help reduce chemicals in indoor air.

1. Terra Cotta Pot Garden on a Fence

Pottery garden on the fence
2. Cedar Box Vertical Garden

Cedar Box Vertical Garden
3. DIY Pallet Living Wall

DIY Pallet Living Wall
4. Indoor Vertical Wall Herb Garden

Indoor Vertical Wall Herb Garden
5. Trellis Plant Wall

Trellis Plant Wall
6. Stacked Wood Planter Box Wall

Stacked Wood Planter Box Wall
7. Indoor Vertical Wall Garden DIY

Indoor Vertical Wall Garden DIY
8. DIY Hanging Plants Wall

DIY Hanging Plants Wall
9. Jungle Style Plant Wall

Jungle Style Plant Wall
10. Using Soda Bottles and Ikea CD Racks

Using Soda Bottles and Ikea CD Racks Plant Wall

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