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Origami Crafts, Origami Rose Ring Tutorial

When Valentine’s Day arrives, I believe that many of my friends hope to be able to prepare some ingenious gifts to give her a surprise. Common gifts can be bought in the store, and then packaged for her. However, with the continuous improvement of people’s material living standards, these ordinary gifts can’t give her a surprise. And if your budget is inherently tight, this approach may put you in a financial crisis. Here I recommend a very interesting and beautiful origami rose making tutorial, which is to make an origami rose ring by simple origami, because the hand-made is a combination of origami rose and ring, so this unique hand-made Paper DIY gifts will definitely bring you a different Valentine’s Day.

I like this simple and clear manual origami video tutorial. This hand-folded video tutorial can clearly show the process of making origami roses, which makes me a beginner for this origami learning to get started quickly. What are you waiting for, give her a surprise.

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